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Color Kit Pram BLADE

The BLADE color kits are easy to replace and give your stroller a new look.


  • textile parts are removable and washable
  • pollution-free
  • product color: different colors


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Color Kit Pram BLADE

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Von uns bekommst du nicht nur einen Kinderwagen. Du bekommst einen Begleiter für euer ganz persönliches Abenteuer. Du solltest deinen Kinderwagen kompromisslos lieben und schätzen. Damit du sicher gehen kannst, den richtigen Begleiter gefunden zu haben, kannst du deinen Kinderwagen 30 Tage kostenlos an uns zurück senden.

The BLADE color kits are available in different colors and can be changed at any time. There is something for all parents in the colorful world of nikimotion: seasonal designer colors as well as classics – you have no limits and your stroller always looks new. Of course, only pollutant-free fabrics are used to ensure that babies and toddlers feel well all around. The textile parts are also easy to remove and wash.

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