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The folding revolution

The nikimotion BLADE is the ultimate combi stroller, packed into a revolutionary size. Thanks to the patented Flat-Fold technology, the stroller can be easily folded in just a few steps and stored in every car and most tiny spaces. Whether the seat is facing the parents or turned in the direction of travel, the stroller can be folded in both use positions. The special folding mechanism eliminates the need to disassemble individual parts of the stroller!


2x Mosquito Net

2x Raincover


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Unglaublich viele Funktionen
in einem unschlagbar kleinen Paket

Der Blade ist ein Alleskönner, mit dem du von Anfang an für jede Lebenslage gewappnet bist. Er hat alles was man sich in einem Kinderwagen wünschen kann und dank des patentierten Faltmechanismus unglaublich leicht zu verstauen.

Folds flat and stands upright

The Blade is a revolutionary baby stroller when it comes to folding. With the patented flat fold mechanism, it can be folded completely flat into a revolutionary compact size. It can therefore be stored in every car boot and the tiniest spaces in every apartment or stair case.

What you get
To make you ready for your next adventure

What you need to know

Technical details


110 x 59.5 x 108.5 cm

Size when folded

90 x 54 x 29 cm

Weight chassis, wheels & seat

14 KG

Weight carrycot

3.1 KG

Wheel material

PU foam

Wheel size (front/back)

22 / 27 cm


Integrated 4 wheel suspension

Handle height

97.5 - 108 cm

Maximum load

25 KG

Shopping basket

36 Liter

Carseat combability

Maxi Cosi & Cybex adapters available


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The most important questions

Does the Blade fit in my car?

At nikimotion we love to combine practicality with beauty. That’s why we’ve also developed our patented flat folding mechanism, which makes the Blade one of the slimmest strollers on the market. In under 7 seconds you have your Blade open or folded neatly without annoying extra items or stress. That’s why you can easily fold your Blade with seat or carrycot (yes, even that works!) into every car and its trunk.

Only the trunks of the Smart or Fiat 500 (convertible) are a little too tight, so in this case you would have to store it on the back seat. To still give you the experience of a full combi-stroller, you can buy the Autofold buggy and add an additional carrycot to your shopping cart.

Can I really test the stroller for 30 days and then just send it back?

We at nikimotion are very sure of our strollers. We’ve spent years developing our baby carriages, talking to hundreds of mothers, amd many engineers and industry experts have really worked on developing the perfect stroller at a decent price.
We still want to support you in the best way possible, so we offer you the simplest solution out there.
Simply order it at home from the couch, the cart will be delivered to you freshly packaged in the next few days, unpack it, test it for a while, test it for yourself and if you do not like it you can just return it in the original packaging provided.

Which wheels does the Blade have?

We love solutions that really suit every parent and represent the perfect balance between urban and country life. That’s why we chose PU foam wheels. No matter if you are walking more often on pavements or on the weekend also like to drive to the countryside. Our tires are pretty tough. In addition, you can also stabilize the front wheels of your Blade to have special grip on gravel roads and designed the carrycot so that it contains its own stabilization bar. With just one grip, you can pull down a pole tied to the bottom of your blade carrycot and tie it to the bottom of your chassis. Now nothing stands in the way for your trips over sticks and stones and your baby can sleep in peace without being shaken up.

What do I get when buying the Autofold?

Your package consists of the stroller, a colour kit and a bottle holder.

Is the roof of the Blade UV protected?

The fabrics used on the Blade have a UV50 + protection. Thus, the roof of the Blade provides a save shade on hot summer days.

Are the materials tested?

At nikimotion,  the quality of our products is the highest priority. This’s why every material we use is carefully controlled, tested by an independent certification authority and guaranteed free of harmful substances. Furthermore, all of our products comply with existing EN standards and our fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified.

How do I wash the frame of my Blade?

The best way to clean your frame is to use a wet cloth to wipe the aluminium frame.

What do I do if my Blade breaks?

If your Blade breaks due to a design flaw, you can make a warranty claim through the members section of our website. Log in and select the affected product in the menu. We will take care of your problem and help you as soon as possible.

If your warranty period has expired, you can still contact us. We will give our best to help you.

At what age can I change from the carrycot to the sport seat?

The carrycot is for the first 6-8 month of your child’s life. But as this is a very individual growth step, you are the best person to decide when it is time and when your child is showing signs that she/he wants to sit up. But it’s important to make sure your child can keep his head up on its own.

Where is the Blade made?

The Blade is developed in Austria and produced under the strictest quality controls by our partners in China. All materials that are used are certified and comply with all EN standards.

What do I get when buying the Blade?

Your package consists of the frame, the sports seat, the carrycot, a colour kit for the sport seat, a colour kit for the carrycot and a bottle holder.

How can the Blade be stowed?

The Blade is extremely flat in the folded state and it can easily be stowed away. In addition, it can stand upright by itself, allowing it to be parked in any staircase.

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