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The AUTOFOLD pram provides an additional extension to the buggy, allowing a child up to six months old to sleep and lie down.


  • complete with upholstery and mattress
  • textile parts remov- and washable
  • protected against UV rays
  • water repellent impregnation
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Von uns bekommst du nicht nur einen Kinderwagen. Du bekommst einen Begleiter für euer ganz persönliches Abenteuer. Du solltest deinen Kinderwagen kompromisslos lieben und schätzen. Damit du sicher gehen kannst, den richtigen Begleiter gefunden zu haben, kannst du deinen Kinderwagen 30 Tage kostenlos an uns zurück senden.

At 3.8 kg, the AUTOFOLD carrycot is extremely light, as well as large and spacious, well-cushioned and fitted with a soft mattress. An additional cover protects your child from the wind and cold weather.


The external materials used provide protection from harmful UV rays, have a water-repellent coating and can be removed and washed. Furthermore, nikimotion products meet the latest EN standards.

Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 80 × 35 × 59 cm

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