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TECHNOLOGY – the folding technique is important!

The market leader in the golf sector, BIG MAX Golf, continues to innovate and provide excellent solutions in the development of golf trolleys, which can be opened and closed with only one movement. Due to the small pack size, the golf trolley can be easily stowed away. With over 20-year experience in folding technology motivated Thomas Reiter (CEO) to put his know-how into the world of baby strollers. This is how 2012 the idea of nikimotion was created.

Due to the fact that all mothers and fathers are confronted with the same problems as golfers – a lack of space in the car – the idea began to take shape in 2014. The task for the product designers was to develop a special product design created out of the unique folding mechanism. The first prototype was created in 2015 and was ultimately the birthdays of the nikimotion models Blade and Autofold.


Thanks to the unique and patented flat-fold technology, nikimotion BLADE can be folded flat in a few steps. In the first step, the combi-stroller is piled together with the seat or the pram with only one handle. Stroller parts (e.g. seat or pram) do not have to be disassembled. Then the nikimotion BLADE is set up and the front wheels are turned to the side. During the third step, the wheels are folded up as by ghost hand. This is done simply by pulling the handle. One – two – three and your stroller can be easily stored in the trunk of every small car. The baby carriage can be parked in the folded state or even suspended in a space-saving manner. If the stroller is on the ground, the handle still remains clean because it is stable on the wheels without other areas touching the ground.


If the carriage is unfolded again, you only have to press the handle downwards and the wheels fold out automatically. Finally, only the buckle has to be opened and the stroller is immediately ready for use again.


The nikimotion BLADE now clear up with the prejudice that a generous combination baby stroller must be difficult, unwieldy and difficult to stow away. The low pack size is unique and nikimotion proves with the BLADE that a generous baby carriage can be handy and easy to stow away at the same time.


The nikimotion models AUTOFOLD and AUTOFOLD LITE are equipped with the unique and patented one-fold technology. With this specially developed folding mechanism, the two nikimotion buggies can be folded together in no time at all. To do this, simply press the push button on the side of the stroller and then pull up the central folding belt on the seat. The single-handed operation folds the buggy together very simply and flat. It can thus be stored in a space-saving manner or stowed even in the smallest car.

To unfold the sports stroller again, first open the Auto Lock clip, which is located on the side of the frame. It has to be only slightly raised. Then the baby carriage has to be pulled up only by the handle. In doing so, the buggy is almost folding up alone without great effort!

The nikimotion Iron Man